Thinking about recruitment?

Are you thinking about a career in recruitment?

Many successful recruitment consultants never even planned on becoming one. An unexpected opportunity. A chance suggestion. Maybe even a meeting with a recruitment consultant to help find a job –and a realisation that they would like to become one themselves.

If that’s you, not yet sure what you want to do… great. Recruitment is not like accountancy, medicine or law. Rather than requiring specific vocational skills, we embrace people with diverse skills from a whole range of backgrounds, including people who decided that they didn’t want to be accountants, doctors or lawyers after all.

We’re looking for people with a variety of skills who want to succeed in a job that is as varied as they are. So, if you are someone who can communicate with people and wish to have a real impact on their working lives, then recruitment could be a rewarding, in every sense, career for you. This website tells you more about what’s involved and where it can lead. Please explore it to see what you think.

Recruitment as a career

Initially, you will start your career working with candidates, learning how to use a wide variety of databases and social networks to search and match candidates to a job vacancy. It’s then all about engaging with those candidates, finding out if they are right for the role and then if they are, getting that candidate to the client as quickly as possible.

Once you have mastered sourcing candidates, you will then start to take on more responsibility including organising interviews and negotiating employment offers.

A day in the life of a recruiter

Want to know what life is like as a Recruiter? Take a look as Sanjee, Aliysha and Ieuan provide some insight into a day in the life of a Recruiter at McGregor Boyall.

Is Recruitment right for you?

Working in recruitment hinges on your enjoyment of working with people, if you don’t like talking and meeting people, then this is not the job for you! Recruiters thrive on targets, they are ambitious, goal orientated professionals who don’t shy away from sales. They are also passionate about building relationships with clients and candidates, they like to build a knowledge of the area they specialise in, so that they can spot opportunities and provide solutions.


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