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Why McGregor Boyall for your Career

For more than thirty-five years McGregor Boyall has been an accelerator of careers. We give our Consultants – new and experienced – all the fuel needed: a market-leading brand, an amazing blue-chip client base, best in class technical tools and industry recognised training programmes. But the real driver of success is the shared commitment – yours and ours –to systematically progressing your career as rapidly as possible.

The shape of your progression is defined with clear, achievable goals agreed between us. And you are the measure of its pace: goals achieved translate directly and immediately into recognition and reward. We never forget that your success is a measure of our success.

Your career journey

We are passionate about nurturing and developing our employees to ensure that they have a rewarding and successful career journey with us. And that journey doesn’t have to be rigid or linear – we work with you to discover where your passions lie so that – via our industry-leading training programme – we can give you the tools and the opportunities to realise your maximum potential.

We don’t believe in one size fits all, our career paths take into account that people are diverse and will succeed at different things. Don’t worry, as you progress, we still celebrate with promotions through our grades, however, the backbone of your progression lies in our career paths. Take a look at how you can grow your career with us.

Career streams

We believe that careers progression should not be viewed as rigid and inflexible. On the contrary, we are convinced that a career should be fluid and flexible, responding to changing motivations and influences. For this reason, we view a career in recruitment as being landscaped by three basic streams that can flow together or separately depending on circumstance.

Business Development

As a generator of business, you will develop your career by using a rare combination of talents: creativity, passion and laser-sharp focus to identify target organisations and enjoy the satisfaction of transforming them into clients.

360 Recruitment

From winning your own clients and vacancies, through to delivering candidates, you will have the autonomy and control to manage all elements of the recruitment cycle. Most of our consultants are 360 recruiters and relish the opportunity to build out their own mini business with the support of a team around them.


Focused substantially on high-quality delivery and candidate engagement, you will also have the opportunity to develop satisfying and rewarding elements of client engagement – very often with a focus on a small number of key accounts. The Delivery stream in the firm’s landscape is an essential and valued part of our business model.

Account & people management

You may be wondering why we don’t have a specific stream called “Account Management”. The answer is simple. At McGregor Boyall, Account Management is a crucial skill that is inextricably embedded in our three core career streams. It is not something that is detached from them. Whether you are heading in the direction of Business Development, 360 Recruitment or Delivery, you’ll find that an essential element of your role will be to delivering client satisfaction through effective account management.

We believe that what is true for account management is also true for people management. This means that we do not regard people management as separate from our core three career streams. Rather, we view people management as an essential direction of travel in all three paths, occurring naturally and the needs of the firm require it.


Training & Development

We believe that our success as a business is down to the quality of our people. Because of this we offer a wealth of training and development opportunities to support you throughout your career with us.

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