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What is a privacy notice?

McGregor Boyall Associates Limited (the “Company”) wants to ensure you understand our processing of your personal data, and additionally we are required by data protection regulation to explain certain matters to you. This notice sets out that information.

What personal data will be processed?

During your interview process and employment with the Company, it is routine for us to collect, process and store personal information about you. Although not an exhaustive list, this will include things such as: your name, date of birth, address, photograph, qualifications and training records, bank account and National Insurance details, performance, absence, health and other management records and next of kin details.

Why will processing take place?

The Company does this so that managers, the finance team, human resources and the marketing team can perform their everyday functions and administer your employment and the recruitment process. This can include thing like:

  • administering pay and benefits and making adjustments to these,
  • managing holiday, sick leave and any other absences (be that family leave, sabbatical or otherwise),
  • health and safety regulation, or security measures e.g. understanding who is at work at any given time,
  • performance management and appraisal, including development via training,
  • dealing with disciplinary matters and any grievance raised by or involving you,
  • ensuring compliance with our rules and processes e.g. through checking CCTV records or monitoring IT access,
  • setting up accounts for various recruitment software and databases both internal and external, and
  • advertising purposes to clients and candidates.

We are legally required only to process your personal data for certain permitted purposes, and can confirm that we only carry out processing either:

  • in line with the Company’s legitimate business interests (by which we mean being able maintain a well-managed and orderly workforce and business, and to protect our business interests),
  • for occupational health purposes, and/or
    so that we can exercise our rights and obligations, both at law and in relation to your employment contract.

If there are any circumstances where we feel we need to process data and it is not in line with these reasons, we will provide you with updated notification (or seek your express consent if that is necessary). We are guided by the principle that you should not be surprised by any processing that we undertake.

Who else might data be shared with?

We will need to share this personal data with others from time to time, including regulatory authorities, our group companies and our group’s service providers (such as our advisers, benefits providers and payroll administrators, as well as those who provide and support our management and data storage systems).

The Company is part of a global organisation and to ensure the provision of effective and efficient services and communication throughout its group, we are required to transfer your data internationally.

Your personal data may be stored and processed outside of Europe, in countries that may have different data protection rules to our own. However, the Company will ensure that the transfer of your personal data outside of Europe will only occur where the appropriate safeguards have been put in place, for example by using standard data protection agreements which have been approved by the European Commission. If you want to learn more about the details of these safeguards you should get in touch with us using the contact details at the bottom of this notice.

During the course of our relationship, personal data may be obtained from you or from a third party source. Examples of this would be where we are provided with employment references, or receive an occupational health report about you. In other cases not currently anticipated, we will notify you of where the data came from unless you are already aware of this information.

How long will your data be kept?

Your personal data will only be retained as long as is reasonably necessary.

What this means in practice will vary as between different types of data, and when we consider our approach, we take into account any continued need to process the data, and also our legal obligations relating to tax, health and safety, employment and potential or actual disputes or investigations relating to those matters.

What are your rights in relation to your personal data?

You have certain rights in relation to the personal data which we process about you:

  • You can request to access your personal data.
  • Subject to certain limitations (normally where there is a continuing need for us to process the data), you can object to the processing of your personal data, or you can request that it be erased.
  • Where we hold data that is inaccurate, you can ask us to complete or rectify this.
    Finally, you are able to submit a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office in relation to our processing of your personal data. We take our obligations seriously and we ask that any concerns are first brought to our attention, so that we can try to resolve this. Our contact details for this are set out below.


If you have any questions or concerns about any information in this privacy notice, you should contact our representative on data privacy issues.

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