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But it’s probably more likely that, like virtually all good recruiters, you’re just curious. This website has been created to help you satisfy that curiosity. Please explore it to discover why our firm may –or may not –be the right firm for you now or in the future. And by the way… we love nosey recruiters.

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I initially joined McGregor Boyall as a Senior Consultant on the BAPM Technology Team which gave me a really good understanding of the financial services sector, as well as both permanent and contract recruitment. One thing about McGregor Boyall is that you can dual desk, so I was able to gain a really good understanding of how to manage both.

Supriya Davda, Client Services Manager

I’ve been at McGregor Boyall for 4 ½ years now and one of the things that has kept me here is the constant progression path. I can always see that next step and how things will pan out for me if things go to plan and I put the hard work in.

Luke Nutley, Principal Consultant, London

I knew a lot about McGregor Boyall from my time working as a rec-to-rec in London and I knew they were a very respected brand, who had a very honest approach to recruitment. When they opened an office in Manchester and the opportunity arose to join them I knew immediately I had to be part of the team.

Nikki Koller, Senior Consultant, Manchester

I chose to join McGregor Boyall because I liked the overall vibe of the place. I found the interview process more informal than other companies I interviewed at and I felt they really wanted me to showcase my personality and understand where my passions lay.

Sam Howland, Asssociate Consultant, London

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